January 14, 2018
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


January 17 is the feast of Saint Anthony of Egypt (Saint Anthony the Abbot)… (251 – 356)

The life of Anthony will remind many people of Saint Francis of Assisi. At 20, Anthony was so moved by the Gospel message, “Go, sell what you have, and give to [the] poor” (Mark 10:21b), that he actually did just that with his large inheritance. He is different from Francis in that most of Anthony’s life was spent in solitude. He saw the world completely covered with snares, and gave the Church and the world the witness of solitary asceticism, great personal mortification and prayer. But no saint is antisocial, and Anthony drew many people to himself for spiritual healing and guidance.

At 54, he responded to many requests and founded a sort of monastery of scattered cells. Again, like Francis, he had great fear of “stately buildings and well-laden tables.”

At 60, he hoped to be a martyr in the renewed Roman persecution of 311, fearlessly exposing himself to danger while giving moral and material support to those in prison. At 88, he was fighting the Arian heresy, that massive trauma from which it took the Church centuries to recover. “The mule kicking over the altar” denied the divinity of Christ.

Anthony is associated in art with a T-shaped cross, a pig and a book. The pig and the cross are symbols of his valiant warfare with the devil—the cross his constant means of power over evil spirits, the pig a symbol of the devil himself. The book recalls his preference for “the book of nature” over the printed word. Anthony died in solitude at age 105.

Patron Saint of:  Butchers, Gravediggers & Skin Diseases


RAFFLE WINNERS:    CONGRATUALTIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE RAFFLE FUNDRAISER.    Thanks and appreciation are extended to all those who purchased tickets for the raffle.  The winners are:

 1st      - Crucifix                                    --    Steve Tallman

2nd     - Old Country Roses Set            --    Rodney Puente

3rd     - Our Lady of M Carmel Medal -- Mary K. Alexander

DEBT REDUCTION FUNDRAISER…. Coushatta trip in late February 2018.  One night stay, free breakfast, round trip, seniors day -- $89.00 per person (*$23.00 fre gambling credit plus $10. More if it is your first time visiting).  If interested please call Irene Ramirez, 210.275.1051.

LOG ON OR EMAIL US TO KEEP UP WITH PARISH NEWS AND ACTIVITIES... Parish Website addresses are: www.ourladyofsorrows-sa.org www.pmk-sa.com; EMAIL ADDRESS: olsorrows@grandecom.net

2018 CALENDARS HAVE BEEN DONATED BY THE Altar Society, Guadalupana Society and the Knights of Columbus.  PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE PER FAMILY SO THAT EVERY FAMILY MAY RECEIVE ONE.    Thanks are extended to the organizations for their generous donation.

SUPERBOWL BAR-B-Q CHICKEN PLATE... with all the trimmings will be served on Superbowl Sunday, February 4th , in the Parish Hall to eat there or to go, for $9.00 a plate. Plates will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  For more information contact Alex Bautista or any member of the Knights of Columbus

CCD CHRISTMAS PAGEANT....was a success.  Special thanks and appreciation are extended to Mrs. Darlene Jimenez & the CCD staff for coordinating the event and to the parents and students who participated.  Apologies are extended for last week’s misprint in the bulletin.  Rosemarie.

CONFIRMATION CLASS IS CLOSED…  Our Confirmation celebrations will be held on Sunday, May 27, 2018 with Bishop Michael Boulette as the main celebrant at 4:00 p.m. and a second celebration will be Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller as the main celebrant.  For questions on the Confirmation please email:  olsorrows@grandecom.net.

the understanding and practice of stewardship among the faithful and in our parishes. As a starting point, we consider the following: ….“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace (1 Pt 4:10)… As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.” (To Be a Christian Steward, US¬CCB Pastoral Letter on Stewardship) ….A capital campaign that is based on stewardship principles preserves the best aspects of professional capital fund raising and begins, or reinforces, a process of stewardship education and formation. It invites people to prayerfully discern God’s will in their lives, which is a much more challenging personal invitation than simply asking for a one-time financial commitment.
Although the gifts we have may be different in nature or size, there are three things each of us receive, can share with others, and return to the Lord. These gifts are time, talent and treasure. How these gifts are recognized, developed and appreciated is a responsibility of the lay faithful who offer them and the parish and archdiocese which are the beneficiaries of these contributions.
A complete text of the message is available at https://www.archsa.org/blog/capital-campaign
The goal for our parish of Our Lady of Sorrows is: $143.000 (ONE HUNDRED FORTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS) during the period of 3 years. Capital Campaign is different from the Archbishop Annual Appeal

DEVOTION TO OUR LADY OF SORROWS IS BEING HELD ON FRIDAYS...A Seven Sorrows Meditation and the other special prayers for the restoration of the moral order in Society and particularly for an end to abortion will be offered every Friday Evening at 5:30 p.m.    Everyone is invited to attend.

The 2018 Archbishop’s Appeal has begun with a theme In the Spirit of Love and an overall Appeal goal of $4.5 million. Our 2018 Appeal parish goal is $5,239.60.

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual ongoing effort of the Catholic community, which supports more than 40 ministries that evangelize Christ’s people locally in the faith and serves those in need.

Pray on how you and your loved ones may consider renewing your gift or making a gift for the first time. Your support is essential to ensuring that we as the local church are able to continue providing the Catholic Appeal ministries that aid homeless women and children, care for our retired clergy, clothe and feed the poor, support the education and spiritual formation of men preparing to serve our parish communities as a priest or deacon, comfort the hospitalized, share our mission of faith with the incarcerated, provide Catholic tuition assistance to families in need and so much more!

Please pray for the success of the Archbishop’s Appeal and make your gift today by completing the Archbishop’s Appeal pledge card sent to your home, here in the pew on the weekend of January 20-21, online at www.archsa.org/archbishops-appeal or by calling the Office of Archbishop’s Appeal at 210-734-1604.

If this is your first time making a gift to the Appeal and are unsure of how much to give, consider a gift of 1% of your total household income, $1 for each day of the year ($365), or a gift in any amount that your circumstances permit. You may also make pledge gift payments. Gifts of all size are appreciated and 100% of your gift will go directly to ministries. Share the light of hope and the love of Christ with others through the Archbishop’s Appeal. Your gift will also help us to meet our 2018 Appeal parish goal. Thank you for your prayers and generosity. May God bless you!

YOUR PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED...for all our sick  parishioners, relatives and friends, especially  for David Castillo, Rebecca Talamantez, Patricia Rose Diaz, Eliana Biederman, Olga Covarrubia, Lorenzo Pena, Mr. R. Martinez, Gerry Garcia, Joseph Gradney, Baby Xavier Trujillo, Rev. Casimir Oleksy, SDS, Dominik & Sofia Salamon, Konrad & Anna Ebisch, Joseph, Gloria Torres, Clara Grace Bragg, Louis Mayorga, Tillie Zapata, Robert Samarron, Joe Martinez, Otto Talamantez, Hope Valdez, Patsy Libby, Elisa Vidaurri, Noemi Dounson, Gilbert Garza, Evangelina Casillas, Tanya Paveglio, Bob Cannon, Mary Virginia Talamantez, Christopher Palomo, David Palomo, Charles Murray, Stella Sanchez, Armand Sanchez, Nadia Samarron, Luisa Herald, Terry Guerra, Marta Gomez, Ponciano Gonzalez, Victor Gonzalez, Hector & Mary DeLaRosa, Jeremiah T., Gloria Valdespino, Fernando & Mary Aguillon,  Eddie Littlefield, Mr. Arnulfo Jose Arcos, Hilda Chavallier-Boutrell, Bertha Pereida,  Carol  Garcia,  Jesse Santiago, Lydia Rico, Eugene Garcia Jr., & Eugene Garcia  Sr., Juanita Suarez, Gloria, Antonia Torres, Josefa Zuazua, Calista, Derrick Klack, Edward Langa, Kathy Burzynski, Sylvia Grohman, Evangelina (Eva) Lopez,  Fr. Wojciech Juraszek, SDS,  Edmond Hubbell, T.C., Roger Escobedo, Clifton Bolner, Vera Frederick, Lucille Pollok, Maria Zapata,  Joe Arcos,  Zeida Canales,  Paula Ramirez, Emilia Martinez, Steve Cardenas, Lydia Sonora, Rosie Cardenas, Socorro Dutra, Rudy Rodriguez, Nick Rodriguez, Michael Marra, Natalie Zamora,, Jordan Otsuka, Elizabeth Garcia, Eugene Novosad,  Susie Gomez, Olga Delgado,  Guadalupe Carrillo, Lawrence Jones, Robert Guillen,  Fred Hidebrand, Jessica Basilic,, Bertha Gonzalez, Nathan Villarreal, Betsy Sullivan, Ana Hernandez, Tina Ryan, Saturnina Campos, Louis Moran, Amanda Cassidy, Fulgencia Gonzalez,  Bertha  Mendoza, Mercedes B. Gonzales, Louis Pena, Carmen Garza, Fernanda Martinez, Romana Martinez, Janie Castro, Elizabeth  Strzelczak, and for the soul of Mr. Armand Sanchez Sr.   May he and all the faithful departed rest in the peace of the Lord. AMEN. 

ARCHDIOCESE OF SAN ANTONIO: CAPITAL CAMPAIGN. “Greetings in the Lord Jesus! As you know, the archdiocese recently contracted with the Steier Group to examine the feasibility and potential support for an archdiocesan capital campaign…. As the people of the archdiocese did decades ago when they undertook the first and only capital campaign in our history, we need to establish a legacy that will make a difference in the lives that follow. It is an exciting time, and I know we will be blessed by an outpouring of generosity. Please join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide our ministry efforts as the archdiocese expands and grows at an exponential pace. With every assurance of prayer and best wishes for all, I remain, Sincerely yours in Christ,” Most Reverend Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS Archbishop of San Antonio. A complete text of the message is available at https://www.archsa.org/blog/capital-campaign